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The Supported Studies Programme
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Belimumab + immunology and specialty medicine


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[The following areas are of interest to the Belimumab ISS Committee. These were last updated in March 2020.]
• Controlling early lupus disease activity contributing to minimising long term organ damage accrual
• Optimisation of the decision making steps and interventions informing treatment decisions for SLE management (e.g. patient reported outcomes)
• Use of belimumab as add-on therapy (without immunosuppressants) and impact on outcomes
• BLyS inhibition with focus on diseases consistent with the belimumab anti-BLyS mechanism of action
• Use of anti-BLyS in combination with anti-CD20 in lupus and other mechanism of action compatible diseases
• Belimumab in lupus and other autoimmune diseases
• Lupus patient perception and opinion about their treatment and life (with or without belimumab)
• Association of biomarkers with patient stratification or clinical outcomes in lupus
• Use of belimumab in lupus in clinical practice
• Lupus disease state

Although GSK are more likely to support studies aligned to our current areas of interest for supported studies, we are interested in supporting studies that are innovative and contribute to scientific knowledge relating to a product, a medical condition or advancing a technology.

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