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What is an investigator sponsoredWhat is an investigator sponsored study?
What types of support can be provided by GSK?
What are GSKs current areas of interest?
  1. Allergy
  2. Bone
  3. CV
  4. Consumer Health Care
  5. Dermatology
  6. Gastrointestinal
  7. Immunology (updated April 17)

    Belimumab - ISS Research Categories

    • Use of belimumab in SLE clinical practice • Association of biomarkers with clinical outcomes in SLE
    • Contribution to scientific body of SLE disease state
    • BLyS inhibition with focus on other systemic and non-systemic autoimmune diseases and consistent with belimumab mechanism of action (MOA)
    • Contribution to Scientific knowledge of BLyS
    • Critical unmet medical needs based on belimumab MOA
  8. Infectious Disease
  9. Metabolic
  10. Neuroscience
  11. Oncology
  12. Rare Diseases
  13. Respiratory (updated 20th March 2017)
  14. Thrombosis
  15. Urology
  16. Vaccines (updated 20th March 2017)
What is the role of the investigator-sponsor?
What is the role of GSK?
How does the overall process work?
What do I need to do to submit a proposal after I have registered at this site?
What does GSK expect of the investigator-sponsor?
What should the sponsor of the study expect from GSK?
How are support decisions made within GSK?
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How do I contact GSK if I have questions about this system or the overall process?
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Notification for all users:

For more information on HIV/AIDS research by ViiV and ISS programme, please contact your ViiV Healthcare representative. For all ISS proposals to GSK Vaccines (including HIV disease), please follow GSK process in this website.

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