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The Supported Studies Programme
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Our Mission Our mission

At GSK, we are dedicated to improving the quality of human life by enabling people to do more, feel better and live longer. As part of this commitment, we recognise the valuable role that Supported Studies (Investigator-Sponsored Studies (ISS) and Supported Collaborative Studies (SCS)) play in fulfilling this mission.

The Supported Studies Programme The Supported Studies Programme

Supported Studies are research conducted by an external Sponsor with GSK's support. There are two different ways GSK can provide support:

  • Investigator Sponsored Studies are entirely designed and managed by an external Sponsor. GSK can support in the form of funding and/or product (including GSK products, adjuvant for vaccines, placebo, or other medicinal products necessary for the research). These studies are also known as Investigator-Initiated Studies, Investigator-Initiated-Trials, Investigator Initiated Research or Investigator Sponsored Research.
  • Supported Collaborative Studies are conducted by an external Sponsor, with GSK contributing to study design and deliverables, in addition to the provision of funds and/or products.

In both circumstances the Sponsor of the research is accountable for all aspects of the study as well as for complying with all applicable ethical, regulatory and legal requirements.

GSK reviews proposals received at set points throughout the year. GSK is committed to responding to your proposal within eight weeks from the closing date of the relevant submission period. For ViiV Healthcare, there is a slightly different process. For more information, please click the buttons below.

Supported Studies: A case studySupported Studies: A case study

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